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↠´ The Bus Stop Killer ☆ Download by ✓ Geoffrey Wansell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Bus Stop Killer book, this is one of the most wanted Geoffrey Wansell author readers around the world.
↠´ The Bus Stop Killer ☆ Download by ✓ Geoffrey Wansell On Jun The Convicted Double Murderer Levi Bellfield Was Found Guilty Of The Murder Of Year Old School Girl Milly DowlerMilly Disappeared On Her Way Home From School In Walton On Thames, Surrey In Six Months Later Her Body Was Discovered Many Miles Away A Massive Police Investigation, The Largest Manhunt In Surrey S History, Got Nowhere Only When Nightclub Bouncer And Bare Knuckle Boxer Levi Bellfield Was Arrested For The Murder Of Another Young Woman Did It Become Clear To Police That They Had A Serial Killer On Their HandsThis Is The Full Story Of The Murders, The Victims And The Pain Staking Nine Year Investigation And Trial By Police And Prosecutors It Tells Of Bellfield S Terrifying, Controlling Personality A Man Who Went From Charming To Monstrous In The Blink Of An Eye And His Depraved Stalking Of Young WomenIt Is A Terrifying Portrait Of The Only Man In Modern British Legal History To Be Given Two Whole Life Sentences The soul of a murderer is blind Albert Camus, The Outsider I had wanted to read this book for some time, as reading a book about a case I have never heard of before is something I rarely do, so I was looking forward to the change, especially since it had been a while since I had read a true crime book.
What quickly started off as an okay read, began to turn downhill when I noticed that the author seemed to blame victims of abuse for not leaving their abusers, and it left a foul taste in my mouth for the rest of the book Besides that fact, the author seemed to repeat things He would mention activities that Bellfield had done, and then repeated them later during the court section of the book and it was annoying rereading something you ve already read.
I ll admit this book was factual and it focused a lot on Bellfield, but to have Milly Dowler s name Very tough read but Geoffrey Wansell as an author has written it well Found it quite interesting as I remembered the disappearance of Milly Dowler but not her killers trial It s a decent account but is a bit repetitive and could have done with a bit copy editing as there were quite a few missing words.
I don t mean to sound harsh but the editor of this book left an embarrassing number of spelling, grammatical and factual errors as well as errors of repetition to the point where I thought I had forgotten to turn the page The portrait of the killer comes through but the women around him less so the idea that he was charming and weaved a spell around them was repetitive and frankly does no service to the writer He took inexperienced teenage girls and brutalised them until they saw no way out, which is hardly magic Nor does the shallow attribution of criminality to his ethnic background, however much the writer tries to distinguish between true gypsies and others.
A sad and shocking taleAt the time of the murder of Molly Dowler, I was living just a few miles from where the body was found Therefore, I remember her disappearance very cleary and the subsequent trial of Levi Bellfield The recent screening of the drama on ITV also reassembled my interest.
Overall, I found that this was a very good book presenting the facts well It is easy to blame the partners of Levi Bellfield for not going to the police earlier There are reviews saying that the author is doing just that In my view he does not do this, just reporting what happened One thing which is clear is the hold that Bellfield had on his partners You can almost feel their fear of him which meant that the could not come forward or even defend themselves against him.
The author does an excellent job of showing what kind of Intense read.
This is a very intense read of an horrific murder and how two subsequent murders could of been avoided The court case is also covered in full.
AverageDon t normally read these type of books, found it a bit repetitive, and although plenty of detail, still seemed to lack depth.
Second time I am giving this book a try I do think the writing is annoying He jumps all over the place I do not know this guy and what he exactly did but he jumps from then to the trial and such.
It is that I am so interested in the case otherwise I would have skipped If he would have written this in a chronological order this book would have been a good book.
It did anger me so much that a criminal, a guy who has been proved to be a killer is allowed to torture his victim s parents during trial.
It disgusts me that nowadays it is all about the criminal s human rights specially now with the European union and court but you do not hear them about the victim or their families rights.
EvilA very sad story but a brilliant read Couldn t put it down definitely recommend What an evil man he is