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Õ Drop Dead, Gorgeous Ä Download by º J.D. Mason Yaaaayyyy I FINALLY found my login info for Goodreads and can update my site Oh happy joy
Õ Drop Dead, Gorgeous Ä Download by º J.D. Mason Desimonda Returned To Seek Out Revenge In JD Mason S Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Now, In Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Her Best Friend, Lonnie, Is Out For A Little Payback Of Her OwnLonnie Adebayo, Best Friend To Desimonda Greene, Is A Walking, Talking Billboard For The Old Adage, You Can T Keep A Good Woman Down But Jordan Gatewood Has Done So Much Than Just Try And Keep Her Down He Made A Huge Mistake When He Put His Hands On Her, Thinking That He Could Get Away With It But He Made An Even Bigger Mistake By Not Making Sure That She Was Dead Before He Left That House Finding His Secret Half Brother Is Just The Beginning Of Lonnie S Plot For Revenge When You Come At the King You Best Not MissLonnie Adebayo s fate was sealed at the end of Beautiful, Dirty, Rich almost Brutalized, traumatized, and victimized, Lonnie survived with the help of another and is determined to make the man responsible answer for his actions Easier said than done when the man responsible is the Jordan Gatewood.
More secrets were revealed and readers received insight into the Yolanda Lonnie Adebayo in this sequel, Drop Dead, Gorgeous As always, Mason writes one heck of a story I preferred this book as I found Lonnie to be a interesting character though there was less plot I wish had been done with the subplot Drop Dead, Gorgeous does what it set out to do tell Lonnie s story Overall I enjoyed it Like its predecessor, I was disappointed with the ending as I was looking for a conclusion.
Reviewed by Toni3.
75 stars Like every other J.
D Mason book I ve read, I loved Drop Dead Gorgeous I am regretting not realizing that there was a prequel, and reading that first But, it s easy to put everything together It s about money, power, and a woman Lonnie trying to right a wrong that was done to her.
A terrible wrong Raped, beaten and left for dead by powerful millionaire and past love Jordan Lonnie is on a campaign to get justice She enlists the help of a friend Desi , his half brother Frank and, his unstable wife J.
D Mason knows how to tell a good story Even though I read this one first And it had an ending I didn t see coming I am still dying to read the prequel.
D MASON Part one snatched my attention, and part two held me hostage Finished it in one day Now, I can only wait anxiously for Lonnie and Jordan are fascinating characters Desi is evolving as the story wears on And each time we turn the page, we re finding out and about the crazy events of some long ago love affair in a small town the secrets that were kept, the alliances and rivalries that were formed, and the prices that were paid all in the name of lovefascinating I loved it.
WON VIA GOODREADS GIVEAWAYS This book is a sequel toBeautiful, Dirty, RichIt weaves two plots together, which makes the story interesting Lonnie seeks revenge against Jordan, while two other characters are embroiled in a murder case I did not think the book had an adequate ending for the latter however, it was a relatively quick read always a plus for me and readers will stay interested knowing that Jordan s going to get what he deserves.
I liked this book but I was not as intrigued by as I was the first book I wish that Desi had a greater role in the story as well Nevertheless, I still thought that it was good.
I was expecting of Desi s story, but instead I received a deeper look into the Gatewood legacy and all their skeletons In an effort to exact revenge on Jordan, Lonnie really pulled out all the stops Wasn t expecting the end but getting there was definitely full of twists and turns, secrets revealed and closing of chapters I enjoyed the first book a little but this one took a turn in a different direction and because it wasn t predictable it was still a good read listen.
loved the book the ending was something that I never seen coming.
i will be looking forward when a new book comes out.
i was impressed with the story line.
great job in writing it was glad to get a free copy from goodreads to preview.
I was not expecting the ending to the novel Lonnie seemed to have accomplished her goal of exacting a measure of revenge on Jordan for the vicious rape and beatdown he put on her She fell for an okey doke move set up by Frank She still wasn t emotionally over Jordan and their final, violent session was the last act that she would enjoy How Claire found her way to the motel is a mystery The cover picture on the novel was an exact.
representation of how beautiful I think Lonnie was One of the best books that I have read this year.
Reading this book was like watching a bad Spanish soap opera, but you had to see how it ends Not sure I would want to know any of these characters.