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¸ A Pirates Wife à Download by Ä Lynelle Clark Clark has done a wonderful job in her descriptions of life aboard a ship, dealing with stormy weather and foul sailors as well as creating a sumptuous young love story between two people with very different backgrounds The ending to the story is exactly what the reader wants to see happen, but Clark does an excellent job keeping the reader in concern and anticipation.
A Pirate s Wife takes place in the 1600 s Forbidden love is the early theme but moves in so many different mysterious directions This is really an ode to love and how it takes shape no matter what period in time and to whom it affects The characters feelings and emotions are very true to life Written like a memoir with diary entries, taken place over many different time periods, reading the private messages made me feel as if I were ease dropping.
This story was extremely well written I would call it flawless The words fit perfect with it s content The writer was clear and precise in the way she shared such deep feelings of characters she has never even met She surely has a gift and knows how to entertain her readers with this compelling adventure story I begged him to kiss me and at first he was hesitant I pressed myself against him and turned my face upward, stretch Alt Cover ISBN Growing Up Sheltered, Rosa Lee Almaida Lived A Carefree Life After Both She And Her Mother Experienced A Horrific Ordeal On The Seas, And In The Middle Of Africa, When She Was Only Four Years Meeting Her Adoptive Father Was The Only Joyful And Good Experience As A Result Thereof The Man Honored By All Sailors On Land And Sea For His Bravery And Unconditional Love He Was Her Hero, And A Model For Her Future Husband To Be Now, Twenty Years Later, She Is Forced To Return To The Seas That Claimed The Lives Of Many, Including Her Birth FatherAbducted From Her Parents Castle In Portugal, Rosa Lee Became The Falcon S Ransom A Brutal Pirate King On The Island Of Madagascar In Exchange For Her Younger Brother Pedro S Life It Was Here She Met The Falcon S Son, Roberto De Ville, A Man Equally Fierce, Albeit With A Hidden Agenda Reliving Her Past During The Voyage, She Found Herself Admiring The Pirate For His Leadership And Skills, But Would She Be Able To Look Past His Exterior To See The Man For Who He Really Was Through The Inscriptions Her Parents Left In Their Diaries, She Made A Choice To Save Her Life But In An Unexpected Turn Of Events, She Had To Trust Him Unconditionally, Believing That Her Life Would Be Spared When She Gave Herself Over To The Love And Intimacy For The Man She CravedTaking Rosa Lee From Portugal, Roberto Takes Her To The Falcon On The Isle Of St Mary From Stories Recounted By Her Brother, He Came To One Conclusion She Would Be His Throughout Their Time Together, He Came To Admire Rosa Lee For Her Bravery During A Daring Escape, Which Reinforced His Belief That She Was The Woman He D Waited For All His Life Roberto Was Than Willing To Set His Life As A Pirate Aside, But First A Plan Had To Be Set In Motion One That Would Change His Live Forever However, He Could Trust Only One Man, Pierre, His Second In Command, To Assist Him In Seeing His Plan To The EndUltimately, The End Result Shocked Rosa Lee, And An Important Lesson Was Learned Never Judge A Book By Its CoverAuthor S Note A Pirate S Wife Contains Love Scenes And Foul Language, Due To Its Portrayal Of Both Real Events And People Parental Guidance Of Is Advised I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for a review.
I will start with the good things about this book Most notably the romance If you like a good happy ever after romance then this book is for you.
There were quite a few things I didn t like about this book, however There were quite a few historical inaccuracies Mostly little things, like hot food being cooked in a storm on a wooden ship, when cooking was usually forbidden in case the fire from the oven set the ship alight, and for some reason there being a dining room and several cabins On the type of merchant ship they d have been on there would have been a smallish captains cabin and bunk like bed with another cabin for the officer types The captain and anyone else he invited to would eat alone in his cabin If another cabin had been fitted to allow the transport of a woman with safety it would This a very good book taking you back into the early years of sea travel and the dangers that was lurking i really enjoyed it specially Rosa Lee a very strong and courages women on the high seas never backing down ready to face a challenge, the famous Roberto I was under the impression that he is a very bad boy but as the story unfold the good comes through in small portions untill the island then everything was clear he is a good guy i really enjoyed the last part where he had to face the famous Almaida after he has abducted his daughter and is now married to her Awesome read.
This is a great read This story begins in the 1600 s and spans a twenty year period The main characters chronicle their hardships aboard a sailing vessel, and the devastation they suffered after a storm claimed the ship Rosa Lee, and her parents are well rounded and believable, as is the mysterious Roberto Rosa Lee finds herself in the middle of an elaborate scheme that she doesn t fully understand, and the romance that unfolds takes her by surprise.
I noticed a few small grammar issues, but it doesn t take away from the fact that this is a great story Anyone who enjoys historical romance will love this I highly recommend this book, for ages 17 and up erotic content.
D Spencer, Author of Enlightened After reading the reviews I thought I was going to love it But sadly I didn t I was bored with it and kept wondering when it was going to end There were quite a few times when I almost stopped reading it but I payed for it so I made myself finish it Obviously others enjoyed it a lot than me so don t take my word for it because this is just my opinion The author has a good writing style but this wasn t the kind of book I like to read or what I was looking for.

In A Pirate s Wife, Lynelle Clark has created a wonderful heroine in Rosa Lee Almaida After she was stolen from her parent s castle set during the 1600s , Rosa Lee became part of a ransom to the awful Pirate King, The Falcon, in exchange for her younger brother s life The plot was intricate and the characters were very memorable This is a great sea story as well as a terrific love story Great job, Ms Clark 3.
5 Stars for my first ever historical fiction read A very enjoyable story with strong characters, and believable scenes This for me was a tale about bravery, romance, love, and extreme courage.
The faith of a pirate s wife is unshakable And that s what I take with me from this journey Faith and love I have to admit I was taken totally by surprise, this book had a few twists I didn t see coming Brilliant ending Pick up a copy and you might find your imagination upon a pirate ship, smelling the crisp salty air.
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1 Can you tell us a little about Your Book s without giving away too many spoilers and what inspired you to write it a A Pirate s Wife is about trust between two people in a relationship Trusting each other enough to know that you are safe facing the most difficult situations Listening to parents advice and using their live as an example of what love is all about The reason I added the diary inscriptions as a subtle reminder b I read a book once about this couple who met and together faced grueling tests over