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[Jihui Yu] µ The Gunners of Shenyang [anglo-saxon PDF] Read Online ✓ proavtomoto.pro Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Gunners of Shenyang book, this is one of the most wanted Jihui Yu author readers around the world.
[Jihui Yu] µ The Gunners of Shenyang [anglo-saxon PDF] Read Online ✓ In Yu Jihui S Memoir Of His Life As A University Student In China As The Nation Starved During Mao S Great Leap Forward, Carrots Are Decadent Luxuries And Flatulence Is The People S True Common Language Soapy, The Author S Nickname During His College Days, Has Been Dubious About The Benefits Of The Socialist Revolution Sweeping The Country Ever Since His Father Was Exiled To A Desolate Town In The Middle Of Nowhere For Daring To Question The Wisdom Of Trying To Industrialize Overnight As A Young Adult, Soapy And His Dorm Mates Attend Classes, Chase Girls, And Attend Endless Political Meetings, Always Struggling With The Need To Maintain A Cheerfully Patriotic Outlook Despite That Pesky Urge To Faint From Hunger From Time To Time When Big Zhang, An Older Boy From The Provinces, Dares To Be A Nonconformist, Openly Mocking The System, The Dangerous Silliness Of The Day Turns To Literal, Life Or Death Danger The Gunners of Shenyang Is At Once Hilarious, Revealing, Informative, Thought Provoking, And Sometimes College Boy Vulgar A Memoir Of The Horrors Of The Times From A Boy Still Young Enough To Enjoy Himself And A Man Now Wise Enough To See The Big Picture For What It Was Every so often, I read a book so brilliant, I feel like my skills as a reviewer are insufficient for expressing just how amazing I found it The Gunners of Shenyang is one of those books I m sure my few paragraphs won t do the book justice, but I ll try The Gunners of Shenyang is the poignant, sometimes laugh out loud funny, and ultimately tragic true story of Yu s time at university During the mid twentieth century, the Chinese government s attempts to steer the country toward progress and prosperity inadvertently led to devastation In their attempts to industrialize overnight, they left the agricultural sector unattended, and the result was a famine that lasted years, costing millions of lives But to even say one was hungry was considered and insult to the government, for it implied that the socialist regime could not provide for its people.
Yu, known as Soapy, shares a dorm room

Of all the memoirs written from 1960s China, most center on the Cultural Revolution The Gunners of Shenyang, however, takes place just after the Great Leap Forward, a famine that killed 45 million people Yu Jihui captured the spirit of those times with characters who were happy to be back in school yet still recovering from years of starvation The story takes place mainly in a Shenyang university dormitory room that is shared by five young men Zhang Da Li is the oldest of the roommates and the largest in stature and spirit He still suffers from hunger and is outspoken about the government Although narrated by Yu, the story ends up being about Zhang, his past, and the desperate choices he makes to survive Yu is a beautiful writer and reminds me of Yan Lianke.
China is a country that always seemed far away to me, both in physical distance and also in terms of my knowledge At school, we had to learn the rivers, the export items and that their government was different to ours However, we didn t learn much about the everyday people and how they coped The Gunners of Shenyang helped to fill in that blank Set during the Great Leap Forward, this is the memoir of Soapy a character in an English text as he attends university.
At this time, China was focusing on the production of steel to the detriment of agriculture to feed the people One of the characters wryly notes that China wasn t overly good at producing steel note how far they ve come and wonders why it is done Crops are left to waste and fields lay barren as Soapy and his fellow students endlessly talk about how they are hungry, hungry, hungry Their diet consists of Small Millstones s