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Ë Bird's Eye View ☆ Download by Ë Elinor Florence Rose Jolliffe Is An Idealistic Young Woman Living On A Farm With Her Family In Saskatchewan After Canada Declares War Against Germany In World War II, She Joins The British Women S Auxiliary Air Force As An Aerial Photographic Interpreter Working With Intelligence Officers At RAF Medmenham In England, Rose Spies On The Enemy From The Sky, Watching The War Unfold Through Her Magnifying GlassWhen Her Commanding Officer, Gideon Fowler, Sets His Sights On Rose, Both Professionally And Personally, Her Prospects Look Bright But Can He Be Trusted As She Becomes Increasingly Disillusioned By The Destruction Of War And Gideon S Affections, Tragedy Strikes, And Rose S World Falls ApartRose Struggles To Rebuild Her Shattered Life, And Finds That Victory Ultimately Lies Within Herself Her Path To Maturity Is A Painful One, Paralleled By The Slow, Agonizing Progress Of The War And Canada S Emergence From Britain S Shadow Rose Jolliffe is a young Canadian woman who lives in a small Saskatchewan town called Touchwood She s naive and inexperienced but smart enough to brazen her way into a job at the local newspaper She longs to join the military to participate in Canadians helping to win the war like her brother and male friends Finally she finds a way to pay her own way to England and join the Royal Air Force Along the way she finds some discrimination against Canadians and struggles to represent her country well.
Rose becomes part of a unit assigned to perform photographic interpretations of aerial photos taken on spy and bombing runs It is important work as it helps determine troop movements, defenses, damage, and other strategic fighting information Rose has an exceptional gift of interpretation, helped along by her growing up Since I am the author, obviously I am going to enjoy my own book But as an objective reader of historical fiction, I can say that this is the only novel ever written, to my knowledge, that has a Canadian woman in the Air Force as the protaganist If someone else knows about one, I will stand corrected I interviewed women vets and did an enormous amount of research to make the book historically accurate And I find the subject of aerial photo interpretation fascinating I hope other readers will agree.

I know that predictions can be hit or miss they certainly are with me but sometimes you ve got to throw one out there, because you feel so passionately that a book deserves wider attention than it s getting.
I feel that way about Birds Eye View, by Elinor Florence What it has in common with Code Name Verity and the BBC serial The Bletchley Circle is a story featuring the sort of smart women who really did contribute to winning WW II, but whose work largely went unsung partly for social reasons and partly because their work was heavily classified for the next half century.
Of course there s going to be a certain element of modern outlook mixed with that of women born right around the time WW I ended Code Name Verity is probably the most contemporary of them, with its cynicism and its implied approval setting up it Sadly I went into this knowing nothing about Canada in WWII, just one of the gaps in my knowledge I wasn t even aware of before So, yay, I now have a nice overview to fill that in a bit And the Canadian aspect is important, because the relationship with Britain is so different from that of the United States, and because so many volunteered so soon Rose from Saskatchewan makes an excellent POV character She s appalled by the shortages and the classism, but captivated by the history and stoicism.
She is, as well, clever, which I like generally, but specifically here I love, having recently watched The Bletchley Circle Rose becomes involved in photographic interpretation, an aspect of intelligence about which I previously knew nothing.
Such rich storytelling six