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Ð The Warriors Ù Download by Ð Sol Yurick Sol Yurick was an American novelist He was born to a working class family of politically active Jewish immigrants At the age of 14, Yurick became disillusioned with politics after the Hitler Stalin pact He enlisted during World War II, where he trained as a surgical technician He studied at New York University after the war, majoring in literature After graduation, he took a job with the welf
Ð The Warriors Ù Download by Ð Sol Yurick How the cult classic movie was derived from this book I will never know I loved the movie and picked up the book hoping to find something equally enjoyable Two murders, and a couple of gang rapes later, I find that Sol Yurick has illuminated the following points 1 Teenage kids make poor decisions 2 Being poor sucks 3 It is hard to get from one end of New York to the other by Subway That is about all I took from the book There is no suspense or drama really, just a lot of walking and traveling There is some slang thrown around But in general I found this to be a waste of time, and had I anything else to read, I probably wouldn t have finished it.
Can you dig it No, no I can t.
Seen the movie twice, don t remember much, but I found the movie better than the book This wasn t a bad book, it s actually well written, just didn t get my attention I stupidly went in thinking a movie and a book are similar I did like Yuricks introduction, it made me appreciate the behind the scenes better This book does have a purpose bringing awareness to gangs and gang violence What I didn t realize wa this is based on a Greek book and has some existential philosophy involved Yurick Majored in English with a minor in philosophy, so that makes sense, but the movie never showed that from what I remember If you liked the cult movie this is worth checking out, but it s not the same thing.
Also read this at a perfect time because it takes place during July 4 5th.
Amazing Book, The Warriors By Sol Yurick This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Warriors, Essay By Sol Yurick Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You The Warriors movie is loosely based on this book For those who watched the movie, there are several notable differences The Warriors are the DominatorsCyrus is Ismael RiveraThe Dominators do not kill Ismael RiveraLoyalty to the gang family and colors are played outGang rape is present in the bookThe Dominators are kids in their teensThe Dominators are a Hispanic African American gang.
Other gangs don t dress in the outrageous theme costumes.
The characters are not as likableWhat is the same The journey home through enemy territoryTrouble with the policeIt s a good read and for those who enjoyed the movie the differences in the book, there are enough differences so the reader will not anticipate the storyline.
This is the book that inspired the cult movie In this book, a street gang has to travel thru enemy territory to reach the safety of home which is Coney Island This books tells of the trials and tribulations of that journey.
This is one of the rare occurrences when the movie is better than the book That being said, this book is still an excellent read For the most part the movie and the book are similar with a few changes The book is so much darker The writer set out to represent the grittiness of New York and he accomplishes this Also, the point of view is from the gang and the author uses gang lingo for his story telling It took a few pages to get use to this style but it really fits in with this story A lot less mimes and a lot crimesThere isn t much I can add that hasn t already been said about The Warriors The most important thing to note is that it doesn t have nearly anything in common with its namesake theatrical version That, in and of itself, makes it a tough read to enjoy if you, like many most, were exposed to the movie first But, if you take the ride, you will find the book much darker, grittier and disturbing than the movie version Two entirely different animals.
It was a hard for me to get in to the books, finding difficult to put aside my preconceived vision of what this story is But then, about a third of the way in, the story gets dark Real dark Unexpected action and I was sold No, it s not the movie but its a great book and a riveting story that is different from its popular counterpart.
The names are different there is This was one of those cases where it doesn t hit me until I finish it The bulk of the book is probably worthy of a 3 star, the final act, pushed it up to a 4, but man Those last two pages, they hit me like a punch This is, in my opinion, a novel that defines a generation of youth, a group of kids who don t have a voice There is no Hollywood ending This is a real novel, and the ending really struck a chord with me I hate to be cliche, but to quote the movie, which is one of my all time favorite films and introduced me to the novel, I have to ask you one questionCan you dig it 5 5

On a purely conceptual level I love this novel As a lifelong fan of Greek mythology from childhood and Greek history and philosophy from early twenties to this moment though my actual understanding of ittalk to me in a few years this story s conceit, that of a 1960 s African American and Hispanic street gang fighting their way to Coney Island over the course of a single night and all based loosely on Xenaphon s Anabasis is brilliant Sol Yurick captures the apparently pre Giuliani New York in such a way that you can taste the grit and smell the waste accumulating and putrefying waste and corruption all under the aegis of the Greatest City on Earth The characters, while not exactly likable or easy to relate to, are certainly distinct enough to warrant some great dialogue and funny and dark encounters with both fellow If you are looking for a rehash of the 1979 cult film, you ve come to the wrong place Sol Yurick s novel has a few pieces of action plucked from the book s pages and inserted into the flick, but the majority of this book contains a grittier feel Mr Yurick s tale is a combination of history and an exploration into the depths of New York City gangs Anabasis or The March of the Ten Thousand is the recounting of an army trapped deep within enemy lines and forced to fight its way home to safety The author uses the premise of this Greek history and inserts it into New York 1960s gangland The result is powerful than I could have imagined.
There is still plenty of action as well as the tense feeling experienced during the movie as we wonder if any of The Warriors will make it back to Coney Island The book s actual gang heroes are known as the Dominators, and the gan Walter Hill s film adaptation of Sol Yurick s novel is one of my favorite movies of the 70s I realize it has its flaws but it had a huge impact on me as a kid and, together with Taxi Driver and The Out of Towners, pretty much defined this Indiana boy s terrifying conception of New York City, pre Giuliani.
Anytime the credits of a movie informed me that the movie had been based on a book, I inevitably sought out that book assuming I liked the movie, that is But with The Warriors this was hard to do because Yurick s novel was out of print when I first saw The Warriors in the late 80s More recently, through the miracle of , I discovered that it was back in print as of 2003 The reprint includes a 30 page preface by the author, in which he discusses the novel s literary precursors primarily The Anabasis, but also Moby Dick, Paradise Lost, Germinal, and a few other heav