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5 5 starsPeople this books is the worst lol don t read it Me hahahah it can t be that badMe is wrongUsually, this was where I d put a quote that I liked from the book, but the writing in this book sucked But I don t wanna mess up the aesthetic of my reviews So, yeah, you re stuck with that.
So what even is the point of me being on this website if I don t even listen to the thousands of negative reviews on my feed that are there to guide me towards great books Every single time someone tells me not to read a book, I proceed to ignore everything they say because what do they know and read it any ways Guess what 10 out of 10 times that someone is right And 10 out of 10 times they end up commenting on my review, laughing at my pain I m gonna do all of us a favor and just delete my life because I just keep filling it full of disappointment.
In fact, EDIT Please read my homegirl Tweebs review.
So I just checked and realized I ve been reading this for 10 days It never takes me that long This booky all this book was such a huge disappointment and I promised myself if it were to be one, I would draw bananas all over my exams I was hoping to finish this cringe before my exams,,, but it s so gross, I legit dragged this one for like 10 days Not gonna lie, this was actually somewhat fun and cute towards the beginning But then this one kid named Dimple came in with her rude ass attitude and abuse behavior and just.
someone learn how to transport people into books because I want to teach her some manners I don t like Dimple She s fucking abusive, rude and just full on annoying, literally go away, I hate her She is disrespectf Oh my GOD, you guys I know people have said this book is bad I know pretty much every source I trust full on hated this book But, like, wow.
Do you ever read a book and you re almost impressed by how bad it is This one is, like, genuinely written in the hopes of creatingdiversity in the young adult genre and look at that Girl hate Almost enough to make me laugh if I weren t already crying from hopelessness, depressed with the irrefutable knowledge that young adult literature will be teeming with ingrained sexism from now until the end of time and no amount of angry quoting in ranty one star reviews will change that.
Nothing matters Let s get into it Categories NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLSHere s a fun fact even if you don t use the exact phrase not like other girls, creating that situation under a different wording is still bad It s still benefiting off the same trop

I wanted to respond to everyone s comments but I didn t want to come off repetitive so I ll express my gratitude on here Thank you to everyone for being so supportive I don t have enough words to describe my love for y all Bless your souls In all seriousness, I never brought this bullshit onto my review to make the drama even bigger but I m going to take advantage of this experience and help spread awareness.
I admit, this experience was shitty I never thought writing this review will lead to this type of bullshit If I had the chance to go back in time and re write my review You will find the same review I ll never change my opinions to satisfy anyone and I ll never stop writing honest reviews My mom didn t carry me for 9 months to give birth to an ass kisser I m sorry for being blunt but if you don t like my opinion then please don t fight me on it Please don t take it to You know what, I was about to force myself to finish this but no Just no.
DNFing it because I promised myself I would stop torturing myself.
Dimple is pretty rude Rishi had the biggest insta love feelings ever App contest what app contest This is just Dimple hitting Rishi, them kissing and now there s a talent show It s not a horrible read, it s just pointless for me to finish it.
This is definitely one of the cutest books I ve ever laid my eyeballs on It s totally nerdy and full of adorkable socially awkward characters and so much delicious food and features the absolute best romance AHHHHHH I ve been looking forward to this book for ages, and I m so glad it was everything I wanted And I m about as romantic as a dead slug, so the fact that I was squeeing You re going to want to read this, I 500% declare it true.
The best part Both Dimple and Rishi are HUGE nerds Dimple is all into coding and computers and Rishi is in denial though a huge comic book artist Like excuse me while that is the perfect pair And let s be real here There were thoroughly perfect at all times And when they met and and Rishi though she knew about their parents arranged marriage so jokingly says Hello future wife and she throws her coffee at him and runs away s oh no looks like i m dnf ing this how inconvenient oops here i go, closing the book i guess this has to wait until i finish my tbr list in three eternities and a half that s just how long it will take sorry Dimple Shah Has It All Figured Out With Graduation Behind Her, She S Than Ready For A Break From Her Family, From Mamma S Inexplicable Obsession With Her Finding The Ideal Indian Husband Ugh Dimple Knows They Must Respect Her Principles On Some Level, Though If They Truly Believed She Needed A Husband Right Now, They Wouldn T Have Paid For Her To Attend A Summer Program For Aspiring Web Developers Right Rishi Patel Is A Hopeless Romantic So When His Parents Tell Him That His Future Wife Will Be Attending The Same Summer Program As Him Wherein He Ll Have To Woo Her He S Totally On Board Because As Silly As It Sounds To Most People In His Life, Rishi Wants To Be Arranged, Believes In The Power Of Tradition, Stability, And Being A Part Of Something Much Bigger Than HimselfThe Shahs And Patels Didn T Mean To Start Turning The Wheels On This Suggested Arrangement So Early In Their Children S Lives, But When They Noticed Them Both Gravitate Toward The Same Summer Program, They Figured, Why Not Dimple And Rishi May Think They Have Each Other Figured Out But When Opposites Clash, Love Works Hard To Prove Itself In The Most Unexpected Ways Ohhhh, do I got a rant for this book When Dimple Met Rishi was supposed to be the book of my dreams It was supposed to clear my acne and water my neglected plants It was supposed to help get into a good university and build my self confidence.
But the only thing it actually did was make me silently cry fake tears bc I wasn t even invested in it enough to spend actual emotions on it Pros Indian representation I m pretty familiar with the culture bc I ve grown up around Indians my entire life and so when I got my hands on this book I was legit crying tears of joy until I reached the second chapter and it fell to poop Still gotta give it for the indian rep ummm there was some nerd talk going on but it was so overwhelmed by the kissing it was hard to concentrate on it well yeah that s all I gotCons effing everything we ll start with Dimple this kid tHIS When Dimple Met Rishi things did not go well See, Dimple and Rishi were promised to each other by their parents Only, Dimple has no idea she was set up, while Rishi does As you can guess, that is bound to lead to catastrophic, but also quite entertaining, events Obviously, arranged marriages happen all the time, especially to young people of certain cultures, but I still found this story very original.
That is why I read it, actually It s not a story that I can imagine happening to a lot of different people, because it s not entirely plausible, but the originality is part of what makes it so interesting At the same time, nothing is too far fetched that you have to force yourself to believe it In this scenario, it s not the girl who is the hopeless romantic, it s the boy Rishi Rishi is adorable Quite frankly, I don t know how I would have reacted if I had been in Dim