Download Epub Format Ò Alraune. Die Geschichte eines lebenden Wesens. Roman. PDF by Þ Hanns Heinz Ewers

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Hanns Heinz Ewers

Download Epub Format Ò Alraune. Die Geschichte eines lebenden Wesens. Roman. PDF by Þ Hanns Heinz Ewers German actor, poet, philosopher, and writer of short stories and novels While he wrote on a wide range of subjects, he is today known chiefly for his works of horror, particularly his trilogy of novels centered around the adventures of Frank Braun, a character modeled not too loosely on himself The best known of these is Alraune
Download Epub Format Ò Alraune. Die Geschichte eines lebenden Wesens. Roman. PDF by Þ Hanns Heinz Ewers Rese a Ewers fue un declarado lector y admirador de Edgar Allan Poe y esa huella se nota en Mandr gora, pero tambi n se siente en las p ginas de este libro la presencia literaria de Baudelaire, Heine, Hoffmann, D Annunzio o incluso de su alabado Oscar Wilde En Ewers, el costumbrismo se acuesta con lo extravagante y de tal coyunda nace lo grotesco, pero sin renunciar a ese aroma terrible y poeniano Louis Pauwels y Jacques Bergier llegaron a definir a Ewers como el Lovecraft alem n , por esa capacidad para apuntar en sus escritos la existencia de negros poderes, subyacentes a las aparentemente evolucionadas sociedades occidentales y capaces de eliminar la voluntad del ser humano m s fuerte y sumirlo en la locu Das ist von Anfang an rei erisch und an niedere Instinkte appellierend, und dennoch ganz wunderbar Die Beschreibung dieser illustren Gesellschaft aus Personen, die wichtige mter Geheimrat, Justizrat, Professor oder Adelstitel innehalten und gleichzeitig derma en verdorben sind, trinken, rauchen, huren, l gen, Intrigen spinnen Geschrieben 1911 erinnern mich diese Szenen an die erst nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg entstandenen Bilder von George Grosz Die Dialoge sind teilweise auf gelungene Weise so theatralisch, dass man sie als Zwischentitel f r alte Stummfilme verwenden k nnte und sicher verwendet hat, da das Buch h ufig und sehr fr h verfilmt wurde.
Gleichzeitig wird auf zeitgen ssische Ereignisse Bezug genommen In der nicht n her benannten Stadt am Rhein vermutlich Bonn, auf jeden Fall zwischen K ln und Koblenz soll das B rgerliche That decadent vibe I just love it and this book is filled with it Alraune brings together a bit of the grotesque, the perverse, and all manner of weirdness that appeals, but when all is said and done, it s the German style of decadence that resonates It is Ewers second entry in his Frank Braun trilogy, between The Sorcerer s Apprentice and Vampire, neither of which I ve read Alraune is another word for mandrake, the legends of which go way back in history, but for our purposes, it s the German version told in this book that s relevant The criminal stripped naked as a pair of tongs and hanged at the crossroads, lost, so the story goes, his final seed, the moment his neck was broken This seed falls to the ground and there germi The first third of this novel is biting satire, crowded with inconceivably pretty ugly caricatures and steeped in the blackest humor a five star reading pleasure beyond all doubts.
Then comes Alraune, and the story gets a little repetitive Alraune German for mandrake b.
w grows up to become a nymph, a page, a siren, or a vampire Whatever your desires are, she s there to fulfill them, unless she doesn t want to She s the walking aphrodisiac for anyone who meets her, everybody s darling, a seductress par excellence And she knows it and takes advantage of it When she says come you come, and when she says go you go And you do it gladly either way It s Alraune after all When she says do it , you do it, whatever it may mean for you or other people That kind of girl Butit s not really her fault I cannot blame her I m happy to have had a glimpse on her It s Alraune after all This work is licens I first became acquainted with the existence of ALRAUNE in issue 7 of the magazine, Van Helsing s Journal and it inspired me to make my first collector s book purchase The story was fascinating, unsettling, and possessed the most wicked wit I had experienced in a very long time I understand that H P Lovecraft was a fan and I can see the influence.
The author was a prolific writer of novels, short stories, plays and essays that often dealt with occult and erotic themes Although I had never heard of him, ALRAUNE is his one work that seems to have stayed lurking in the shadows, probably because of the different screen versions that have appeared and disappeared through the years.
The wildly fantastic plot involves a bi

A unique work of fiction from an intelligent author.
The mystery that surrounds the plant Mandragora officinarum mandrake plant is beautifully crafted into a thrilling fiction that leaves the main character Alraune haunt you for long It was a common folklore in some countries that mandrake the plant Mandragora officinarum would only grow where the semen of a hanged man had dripped on to the ground this would appear to be the reason for the methods employed by the alchemists who projected human seed into animal earth In Germany, the plant is known as the Alraune the novel later adapted as a film Alraune by Hanns Heinz Ewers is based on a soul less woman conceived from a hanged man s semen, the title referring to this myth of the mandrake s origins Beautiful read Please check I really love it when I arbitrarily come across a book that is little known, but fantastic and I think Alraune definitely qualifies This is once again a translation and I truly hope that the language in the original was faithfully translated because that would mean Ewers was a tremendously gifted writer I d also hazard a guess that Mr Ewers was something of a character as well The novel is blatantly sensual and morally querulous This was really a fantastic read I m so glad I came across it Innecesariamente largo, predecible y con personajes poco memorables El planteamiento general del libro como ficci n tr gica del horror grotesco es inicialmente interesante, aunque despu s desaparece entre una inmensa banalidad de cotilleos, chismes, met foras cursis y estupideces noveleras propias de las cortes arist cratas Al d a de hoy, solamente recuerdo a Alraune y a Frank, y no podr a describirlos muy bien El resto de personajes no s qui nes son y no me importa Esos numerosos personajes sobran en tediosas escenas, no agregan nada sino un castigo al lector Lo que m s disfrut fue lo rico del vocabulario del escritor y las referencias culturales generales que hace A juzgar por el resto de buenas rese as, podr a admitir que s Sort of a Decadent version of the Frankenstein story Somewhat ignored or even despised because of Ewers Nazi affiliation the Nazi s later proscribed it Where Frankenstein s monster is a thing of ugliness Alraune is a thing of delicate beauty but who because of her Genesis ends up as sort of the ultimate femme fatale She s the product of a hanged murderer s seed at the crossroads and a prostitute It all has to do with folklore surrounding mandrake roots, something that crops up in other fairytales and folklore In a sense she doesn t deserve her reputation, it s kind of her fate, but she is still largely a negative evil character that Ewers manages to effectively bathe in tragic sympathy Her decadence as an adult actually merely refle The Basis Of The Story Of Alraune Dates To The Middles Ages In Germany The Humanoid Shaped Mandrake Root Or Mandragora Officinarum Was Widely Believed To Be Produced By The Semen Of Hanged Men Under The Gallows Alchemists Claimed That Hanged Men Ejaculated After Their Necks Were Broken And That The Earth Absorbed Their Final Strengths In Some Versions, It Is Blood Instead Of Semen The Root Itself Was Used In Love Philtres And Potions While Its Fruit Was Supposed To Facilitate Pregnancy Witches Who Made Love To The Mandrake Root Were Said To Produce Offspring Which Had No Feelings Of Real Love And Had No SoulThe Novel Deviates From The Myth By Concentrating On The Issues Of Artificial Insemination And Individuality Genetics Versus Environment A Scientist, Professor Jakob Ten Brinken, Interested In The Laws Of Heredity, Impregnates A Prostitute In A Laboratory With The Semen Of A Hanged Murderer The Prostitute Conceives A Female Child Who Has No Concept Of Love, Whom The Professor Adopts The Girl, Alraune, Suffers From Obsessive Sexuality And Perverse Relationships Throughout Her Life She Learns Of Her Unnatural Origins And She Avenges Herself Against The Professor