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Download Epub Format ¸ Bad Memory (Jessica Shaw, #2) PDF by ↠´ Lisa Gray Lisa Gray is a writer and journalist, and the author of the PI Jessica Shaw thriller series.She decided at a young age that she wanted to write features for magazines and somehow ended up working as a football journalist for 14 years instead.After too many winters spent freezing at matches and worrying about dodgy wi fi connections, Lisa gave up football to work as a content writer at a national n
Download Epub Format ¸ Bad Memory (Jessica Shaw, #2) PDF by ↠´ Lisa Gray I received a free, advanced copy of this book through NetGalley I read thr author s first Jessica Shaw book recently, but if you hadn t read it, it wouldn t be too confusing Jessica is a PI, and stumbles into another murder mystery in which the convicted felon is about to be executed Her memory is unreliable This particular story was interesting, but interspersed with chapters with Pryce s POV as he decided to look into his former partner s murder was a little frustrating I knew it would be connected to the murder that Jessica was investigating from 1987 However, it was a quick read and the ending wasn t predictable There would have been a lot better ways to handle the crisis that the murderer came upon of course it ended tragically I would recommend this book if it was free or under 5.
What an incredible story Murder mystery novels are my absolutely favourite of all book genres, if they are done right Recently, I have been disappointed with the novels I have read in this genre that have been recommended to me, but when I accepted this ARC on NetGalley, I had no idea that I would be reading a book that would keep me on the edge of my car seat until the very last page I read this book whilst on a journey to Birmingham, and I didn t even notice the time passing, as my nose was fully lodged in my kindle When I m reading a book, I love a fast pace, and the short time limit within the novel kept this book fast paced and continuously built suspense I usually don t like flashbacks in novels as I feel that they can sometimes Private Investigator Jessica Shaw Is Leading A Quiet Life In A Californian Desert Community, Where She Spends Her Days Working Low Level Cases But When A Former Resident Asks Jessica To Help Her Sister, Rue Hunter A Convicted Murderer Whose Execution Is Days Away Jessica Can T Resist The OfferRue Doesn T Remember What Happened The Night Two High School Students Were Killed Thirty Years Ago, But Everybody In Town Is Certain She S Guilty As Jessica Looks For Answers, She Finds That Local Rumors Point One Way And Evidence Points Another And Nobody Wants To Face The Truth Meanwhile, Jessica Can T Shake The Feeling That Someone Is Stalking Her Now Than Ever, She Knows She Can T Trust AnyoneAs Jessica Digs Deeper, She Encounters Local Secrets In Unlikely Places Including The Police Department Itself But The Clock Is Ticking, And Jessica Must Find The Truth Fast Or Rue S Bad Memory May Be The Death Of Them Both Thanks to Netgally andPublishing UK for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Private investigator, Jessica Shaw is approached by Rose, a woman whose sister, Rue, is on death row and going to be executed for a double murder she supposedly committed over 30 years ago when she was 17 Rose wants Jessica to take one last look at the case and see if there is any way to clear Rue before her execution I love a good detective story with an investigation that keeps turning up new info until the truth finally comes to light I thought this book was great It was a good procedural and it had some suspense and tension I read and enjoyed the first Jessica Shaw book and I liked this one even better I like the Jessica and Pryce characters and I Thank you Netgalley for this book, in return for a honest review Although this book was good, I have only given it 3 stars because I didn t eel it was as good as the first book by Lisa Gray, In Thin Air I really liked the books alternative timeframes and viewpoints The book had a great surprising ending which wasn t expected I think if you enjoy a good crime book, you ll enjoy this.
Private investigator Jessica Shaw is leading a quiet life in a Californian desert community, where she spends her days working low level cases But when a former resident asks Jessica to help her sister, Rue Hunter a convicted murderer whose execution is days away Jessica can t resist the offer.
Rue doesn t remember what happened the night two high school students were killed thirty years ago, but everybody in town is certain she s guilty As Jessica looks for answers, she fin This Is the second book in the Jessica Shaw series.
Synopsis Jessica arrives at a seemingly sleepy remote town called Hundred Acres and thanks to the help of a friend, Detective Pryce, she starts a new job in the small detective office in the town She is asked by a new client called Rose Dalton to look in to a crime that took place 30 years ago which left her sister Rue Hunter incarcerated for the murders of her boyfriend Lucas and her best friend Megan Rue is due to be executed In a week s time for the murders so there is huge pressure to make progress quickly but Jessica is intrigued and keen to take on a case that doesn t involve marital desputes, and agrees to help I really enjoyed this book While the story was somewhat far fetched in places it turns a bit Midsummer Murders at some points, leaving you wondering how much crime can really happen in one small town the story I really enjoy mysteries and action books.
This book was just that This is the second book in her Jessica Shaw series I didn t have to read the first book to pick this book up and enjoy it The main character,Jessica, is a female private investigator She is hired by Rue Hunter s sister to investigate the case Rue was being sentenced to death row because of With a short deadline, Jessica got to work Rue was being sentenced to the death penalty for killing her two friends up on Devils Drop, a local Make out place for teens She wasn t sure she did it, but since everyone seemed sure she had she admitted to it Jessica used her resources in the town to gather information and discovered a lot of the secrets in Hund

In this second Jessica Shaw book, Lisa Grey provides another unique mystery that weaves the past with the present Jess is now in a small California town working for a PI, trying to get her own license She is approached by the sister of a woman scheduled for excursion as punishment for having killed her best friend and boyfriend when she was a teenager A pile of evidence seemed to make it an open and shut case, but there are secrets from the past that Jess must chase down and reveal There are few twists and sidelines in the plot most of which are able to be resolved in the short book However, there is a feeling of a rush at the end to tie up loose ends that leaves one feeling unsatisfied, wantingdetails and exploration The rotation of perspectives and shifting fr Bad Memory was a really interesting 2nd book in the Jessica Shaw Series In this one, Jessica is asked to try to solve a murder that occurred over thirty years earlier She has only a few days to figure out what really happened, as the woman, Rue Hunter, who was convicted of the double murder when she was a teenager is due to be put to death in a few days When Jessica visits Rue in prison, she finds that Rue doesn t remember what happened that night It is up to Jessica to determine what really happened before a possibly innocent women is executed.
I thought that the most compelling aspect of this book was that Rue really didn t remember if she killed her boyfriend and best friend or not She had not appealed her conviction earlier, but as her exec I read this book without having read the first book in the series, but about halfway through this book I decided that I wanted to read the first book, and any subsequent ones I also feel that even though I didn t read the first book I was confused about very little in the story, and nothing relating to the main plot.
The main character, Jessica Shaw, is obviously flawed which makes her that muchrelatable I really liked seeing not only her character flaws but also her weaknesses, it was refreshing to have a main character who wasn t perfect, and who accepted help.
The plot immediately sucked you in, and the resolution was something that you will never see coming, but which makes perfect sense once it is revealed I dislike when authors add twists into their story that don t fit with everything else that has happened, but that isn t the case in this book.
My one problem with this book